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This is a great day. The first day of my death.

Long, long time ago I was death too, but now I can't remember that. Now I can remember only this time, when I was alive.

- Is she death?

Doctor asked my grandma. She was very happy, I think, but her face was just like on the funeral or something just like that.

- I don't know - she said and touched my cold hand. It was so fun, to see doctors face. He was suprised. Maby because of my face - I still looked like alive person, who's just sleeping at the moment. It not suprised me. I died just two hours ago.

- Uhm... she looks alive. - doctor said. I knew, that he'll say that!

- But I think she's death. - my grandma said.

It's so funny to see two persons standing above your death body and thinkink about one question: 'Is she death or alive?'. I couldn't stand it. My noisy laugh waked up those little birds flying high, high above Earth.


death-or-alive : :



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